Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Nightmares In, Red, White And Blue (2009)

This documentary explores American horror movies and its appeal to society. The docu. goes back as early as the films of Thomas Edison and his 1910 version of Frankenstein and moves into modern times with the "torture porn" genre with Saw and Hostel.

It offers up a scan through the decades and shows clips from some of the better known horror movies in each time period. We also get interviews from horror icons such as George Romero, John Carpenter, Joe Dante etc.

Nightmares works as background filler for a room full of drinking friends (as long as they are fellow genre nerds) but doesn't offer up anything new or all that much different from the millions of other horror documentaries. This thing is available in a two pack set with the far superior exploitation documentary American Grindhouse. Nightmares is worth picking up if not for anything else, the other movie. You wont be disappointed.


  1. THE AMERICAN NIGHTMARE is a really good documentary that focuses on the 70's and American horror flicks. It's confusing that all these docs have such similar titles.

  2. I really just prefer trailer compilations but I will look into that one