Thursday, September 22, 2011

Devils Possessed (1974)

Written by and staring Spanish, horror icon Paul Nashy and directed by León Klimovsky (Werewolf Vs. The Vampire Women, The Vampires Night Orgy). This Medieval period piece tells the tale of a power hungry madman (Nashy) who terrorizes the land from his castle. Nashy loses all morality or at least close to all of it while under the spell of his vindictive, evil queen. Together they kidnap young virgins and sacrifice them in witchcraft rituals. This is until a old friend of Nashy's comes back to town and starts a renegade army to bring the evil ruler down once and for all.

This one is a little bit to {PG} for me. If it weren't for select scenes of violence and torture Devil's Possessed could almost be a made for television movie.

The highlights of the film are dancing midgets, decapitation (complete with rolling head), a child is stabbed for no apparent reason, torture by branding, torture by stretching, a eyeball is poked out in a joust match and a man is filled with flying arrows. In one of my favorite moments we see a rotten corpse mounted like a scarecrow with a sign on him that says "He didn't pay his taxes".

Surprisingly we don't get any bare breasted women and nothing to overly gory. We get tons of sword-play and lots of cheesy characters. Devil's Possessed has limited replay value and is really only worth a watch for hardcore Paul Nashy enthusiasts. Not my top pick of Nashy flicks but none the less a decent time passer.

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