Monday, April 9, 2012

Tower Of Evil (1972)

Somehow this British slasher flick didn't make it to the Video Nasty list. We are treated to 89 minutes of sex and death. Plenty of gore for us splat-hounds and enough bare breasts for all you pervy dementos. Tower Of Evil also goes under title of Beyond The Fog but is mostly recognized as The Horror Of Snape Island.

Three out of four American teenagers (played by English actors with really bad fake American accents) are brutally murdered while on vacation on Snape Island. An Island that contains an old watch tower and a horrible reputation to go along with it. Amongst the "American" teens is Robin Askwith (Horror Hospital, Flesh And Blood Show). Askwith meets his fate when he is impaled by a giant golden sword that is pushed through his torso and leaves him a swingin on a door. We are treated to some Askwith nudity and a couple of other bare-ass men for all the ladies out there but the real humor comes from watching Askwith put on his best American accent. Jump forward in time and a group of archaeologists explore Snape Island in search of ancient buried treasure that has been hidden in the caves bellow Snape Island.

The archaeologists get more then they bargained for when they start getting knocked off one by one from the maniac who prowls Snape Island. We get decapitations (complete with rolling severed heads), Heads are twisted by 90 degrees in true Exorcist fashion, Machete's are embedded into achy-breaky skulls, stabbings, neck breaking, and some serious third degree burns.

Aside from the sex and violence Tower Of Evil holds somewhat of a creepy atmosphere as well. The fog is layed on thick and it works better then the expected dim lighting that comes complete with scenes that are to dark to enjoy. The fog is used excellently and the sets and locations are creepy all in there own.

Tower Of Evil is another example of a English horror flick that can deliver the goods. Fans of British director Peter Walker should check this one out. It holds the same nasty vibe that Walker delivers in many of his movie. Tower Of Evil is available on a British horror set with the great Horror Hospital, the bloody alien ripoff Inseminoid and the beyond awful Curse Of The Voodoo. The set is a good buy and well worth owning. Its just to bad they had to throw that shitty voodoo flick on there. Check it out for a bloody good time from the U.K.

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