Friday, April 27, 2012

Brides Of Blood (1968)

Brides Of Blood is the first in the Filipino "Blood Island Trilogy". The trilogy is as outrageous and weird as the hype around it and this film is perhaps my favorite in the series.

Our hero played by John Ashley is stranded on a distant island along with a scientist and his nymphomaniac, blond, bimbo, wife (played by Beverly Powers or in this case "Beverly Hills". John Ashley and company can't believe their eyes when the trees around them come to life and attack them. These trees are a bit on the rapey side and lift pretty young women in the air and tear at their clothes. Of course the tree-rape isn't as graphic as the scenes in the Evil Dead flicks but it is still pretty damn weird. However the natives have a lot more to worry about then a few horny trees. There is also a huge green-blooded monster running around who is much more horny and much more dangerous. The giant green monster comes complete with big bubbles protruding from its body and bright red lips. He is guaranteed to offer up a few chuckles.

The islands habitants on the other hand are not laughing at all. They sacrifice young nubile hotties to the beast by tieing them to a post, ripping their clothes off so the monster can come "satisfy himself" and yes when you are a big green bubbly monster satisfying ones self consists of rape and murder. After the beast of blood island has his way sexually with the girls he rips their heads off.

As if this all doesn't sound entertaining enough to satisfy the average demento Brides Of Blood is jam packed with Filipino midgets and we all know that midgets add life to any sleazy horror flick. In one moment of gratuitous violence we are treated to a tall bald man repeatedly whipping a midget slave. Brides Of Blood comes complete with decapitation, severed legs and other dismemberment's. We get monsters and mutant plant life, a tid bit of splatter and Frankenstein type ending.

This one can get slow at times but it is worth sticking it out. If I didn't know this thing was shot in the Philippines I would definitely have thought it to be a movie from mars.

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