Friday, April 27, 2012

Kilink : Strip And Kill (1967)

Yes Kilink is back and ready to kill! This is the third Kilink film in the series and takes place where Kilink VS The Flying Man leaves off. These are the only two Kilink films I have seen to date and I am becoming a bit obsessed. I await the day I see the first film Kilink In Istanbul because Strip And Kill seems to have forgot the flying man.

Instead Kilink takes us on an all new adventure. He battles two rival gangs and the police at the same time who are all on the same quest for the "Microfilm" which contains photographs of some top secret Turkish military shit. I guess its worth a lot of money or something...

While Kilink is his normal bad-ass self. He seems to do some acts of good this time around which annoyed me a little bit but it is easily made up for when Kilink gets into gun fights with the police and beats on half naked women. After all the title is Strip And Kill!!!

Yet again Mr. Kilink gets all the babes. He uses and abuses them and they sure seem to love to make out with a dude in a spandex skeleton suit. "The king of murder" throws some smooth talking around and gives a bit of loving before he kills these bitches.

Oddly enough Kilink : Strip And Kill is much more coherent then The Flying Man. All of the footage seems to be intact and if anything this one seems to run a bit on the long side. The chaos is still there but definitely numbed down. The story while being very repetitive at least makes sense. On the down side of things the violence is also a bit tame this time around and for this reason I found myself missing the choppiness of the film before it.

Since all of these movies seem to end with a cliff hanger, I think it is safe to say that Kilink finds himself in a bit of trouble and in the hands of the pigs in the films climax. I believe the next film in the series goes by the title of Kilink : Master Criminal which seems to be much harder to find. With any luck I will snatch that one up some day and see you for another review. These movies are fucking bonkers.

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