Sunday, July 10, 2011

Shogun Assassin (1980)

Shogun Assassin is the reedited footage from two 70's samurai flicks in the Lone Wolf And Cub series. Basically all the weird, gory, and sleazy scenes were chopped into 85 minute spectacle of violence and it was done brilliantly.

For those unfamiliar with the Lone Wolf And Cub movies it is about a father and son who walk the path of vengeance. Shogun Assassin is dubbed over in English and though the stories are totally altered Shogun comes off way more entertaining and fast paced.

The story is told by a child who's father was a executioner for the Shogun. "My father was famous. He was the greatest Samurai in the empire, and he was the Shogun's decapitator. He cut off the heads of 131 lords." When the executioner's wife is murdered by the Shogun he makes a vow to make the Shogun and all of his Ninja "Pay in rivers of blood" and blood letting there is. People are chopped in half, decapitated and dismembered in any and every way possible. Ears are chopped off, fingers are chopped off, arms & legs (leaving rolling torsos), blades are shoved through throats (complete with bright red Japanese style, spraying blood), one guy uses a claw as a weapon of choice and buries it deep into enemies skulls, another uses a spiked club for some achy-breaky skull action, another uses gloves with nails on it and puts on a nice face-smashing show. The young child (who can't be any older then 5) takes part in the violent, vengeful, warpath. The kid has quite the arsenal of knives and swords and uses the gadgets to chop the feet off of the enemies. The kid also punches some bare breasts in one of the weirder scenes in the movie. The final battle is pretty amazing and has some amazing memorable lines. My personal favorite line in the film takes place on the 2nd to last murder in the film. Be sure to look for it "Its ridiculous".
Anyone who likes over the top violent cinema needs to check this one out. Its a bloodbath filled to the brim with spraying red stuff.

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