Friday, July 8, 2011

Perversion (1979)

Director, Jose Mojica Marins or better known in America as Coffin Joe takes a bite at the Rape/Revenge genre with typical Coffin Joe social message and rebellious undertones. Marins plays a very rich and very powerful socialite with some very sinister ways. In the films opening we see Marins rape a virgin and then bite her nipple off. Marins is brought to court and of course wins because of his money and powerful friends within the legal system (sounds just like real life) but he is not contempt with winning his case. Instead he flaunts his power around and gains even more controversy and even respect from the townspeople. The rape victim is harassed and tormented and almost driven to insanity. Then the movie slows down to the point where it is almost painful and the corruption of power theme is beaten into our brains repeatedly.

We get some naked flesh from a few women and Coffin Joe himself bares quite a bit in semi disturbing scenes of him in tight underwear or bathing suits. The man is a true renegade and its obvious he doesn't mind being a vile villain yet again because his character is so hated in this movie. He mocks his own beer belly within the film and when he removes clothing the actors are usually appalled as are we, the viewer.

Perversion also known as Rape ends with a nasty castration, that I personally saw coming from a mile away. Coffin Joe loses his penis in a sex scene and the weapon of choice was a gialo style straight razor. Seeing Marins stand totally naked and screaming in slow motion as blood spews from his dismembered penis is amusing and yet disturbing at the same time. Of course Perversion can't be compared to Coffin Joe's early work like At Midnight Ill Take Your Soul but its still a decent time passer for true fans.

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