Friday, July 8, 2011

Rape Victims (1975)

This 70's XXX piece of smut follows a bunch of Rape Victims into a doctors office and we hear their stories and memories one by one. Well luckily for us we don't really have to hear to much. We actually see it in flashbacks. The Alpha Blue print that I picked up was beat to hell and obviously taken from a VHS. with tracking problems and washed out colors. The whole thing was rather blurry and just filled with grit and grain. The picture above was taken from the title sequence on the print that I watched and it pretty much looked identical on my t.v. Something Weird Video also released this thing and I doubt their print looks much better. 

Aside from the bad quality we get one gross rape scene after another. One in particular has Vanessa Del Rio and some other dingbat raping a man at knife point. They tie him to a table and ride him in every way possible. Vanessa delivers the good ole get it up or lose it lines with a sharp blade under the genitals of our victim. We also have a pretty nasty scene where two men get their rape on in a filthy building. They smear some kind of car lubricant all over the victim and I couldn't help but think to myself, wow this girl probably has cancer now or what would happen to her if she went anywhere near an open flame. The lubricated woman is then of course raped and urinated on by the two rapist. (Now thats sleazy).

The rest of the movie is pretty lame generic mean spirited 70's stuff with a few rough-er-up scenes and of course tons of pubic hair. Check it out for Vanessa's scene. The easily offended should probably stay far away but then again the easily offended wouldn't be reading my blog.

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