Friday, July 8, 2011

Outlaw Riders (1971)

The biker film genre has never been the most demanding genre but this thing is a total piece of shit. A group of bikers rob a office and get off with the money but they can't stick to the road with the police looking for theme so they take to the desert. The bikers start fighting amongst themselves and its not long before there is only four. Two guys and their "mommas". The foursome heads for Mexico when they bump into a rival gang of Mexican bikers. The Mexicans kick the shit out of the "Gringo's" steal their money and their momma's. It all ends with a big battle in the mountains. We have a few dead cops, some racial slurs, attempted rape, a dancing senorita for some sex appeal, face slashing, stabbing, gun violence, death by avalanche, some whip-fu and a nihilistic ending where every single character dies.
Outlaw Riders had the ingredients to be a entertaining movie but falls short with awful cinematography, lack of nudity and violence and a miserably slow pace. It was even worse when I learned that the director of this thing was the same guy who wrote the amazing Sidehackers. Luckily for us Outlaw Riders was his only stab at directing. If only he chose to write Sidehackers 2... Skip this one and download the soundtrack instead!

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