Sunday, July 10, 2011

The Filth And The Fury (2000)

Another documentary on the snot-nosed British punk band, The Sex Pistols. Directed by the same man that did The Great Rock And Roll Swindle but this time around the film is a little more informative. Of course anyone who knows anything about the band wont find much more knowledge about the group but it is jam packed with cool interviews, stills, news papers clippings, cartoons and of course Pistols punk rock.

One of the highlights is an Interview with Johnny Rotten where he speaks on the death of Sid Vicious and sheds some tears. For those who remember the Pistols last show, Rotten has cried in front of a camera before but this time around its a little more sensitive or amusing depending on your perspective.

There is some good Sid Vicious footage, including an interview in a park. The Swastika clad punk icon speaks about music, violence and addiction. He also picks his ears and spits for some added entertainment.

Paul Cooke and Steve Jones shed a lot of light on the early years of the band and they speak of their lower class upbringing. Glen Matlock has a lot of screen time as well.
The Filth And The Fury also has the last interview ever with Sid Vicious. Ya know, the really uplifting one where he tells the world he wants to be dead. This is definitely one of the best Sex Pistols movies ever made and should have a place in the collection of anyone who is into the band or punk rock in general.

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