Friday, July 15, 2011

Hobo With A Shotgun (2011)

This brand new take on the 80's actionsploitation movies was more of a comic book flick then a throwback to the ultra-cheesy, ultra-violent, explosive 80's action flicks. It plays like a cross between The Toxic Avenger and Street Trash and of course it has the modern homage touch to it that is seen in movies like Machete and my personal favorite of the lot Black Dynamite.

Rutger Hauer plays our anti-hero hobo who ends up in "Scum Town". Pimps, punks, junkies, hookers, rapists and murderers rule the streets and our hobo decides he is going to clean all the scum off the sidewalks in true Travis Bickle fashion. Hauer blows the street-scum away one by one and leaves a bloody fucking mess where ever he goes.

Hobo With A Shotgun is a modern splatter film. Its stupid and it never takes its self serious but with this in mind the level of gore should keep the average splat-hound satisfied. Even though Hobo is a complete mind-numbing trip of senseless violence I salute the lighting department. The lighting in this movie is so plush it is bound to give Dario Argento a hard on. The bright funky colors really help give the movie a comic book feel to it and in my opinion it gives this thing its character, more so then the rivers of blood.

Some of the highlights that Hobo has to offer is sever dick mutilation, a hookers neck is sawed into leaving her half decapitated. We have J&B chugging, a school bus full of children is torched by a madman with a flame thrower, multiple decapitations, ice skates embedded into skulls (Halloween H2O style), Head explosions, shopping-kart-fu, Shotgun-Fu, dead cops, hangings, violent street punks (complete with nifty hairdo's), a child molesting Santa Clause, naked women bathing in blood, bikini babe bathing in blood, hobo's bathing in blood, etc.

Fans of Troma movies should really be the main audience for this thing. Its doesn't want to be taken serious and its just pure gory mayhem.

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