Thursday, July 14, 2011

Shadow Dead Riot (2006)

Take Riki-Oh : The Story Of Ricky and turn it into a women in prison movie instead. Then throw in Tony Todd from the Candyman movies and a bunch of zombies and you have Shadow Dead Riot.

Carla Greene who has only done a bunch of boring t.v. crap and dramatic nonsense plays Solitaire. A sexy little piece of brown sugar who is about to turn a women's prison upside down with kung fu ass-kickings and sexy sports-bra-fu. A evil force is released when the man who killed her mother (Tony Todd) comes back from the dead and brings a army of flesh eating corpses with him. Solitaire and the other female inmates fight for their lives against the zombies and their master.

Shadow Dead Riot offers up all of the nudity and lesbian scenes that is necessary for a women in prison movie. With shower scenes and cat-fights. We even get the wicked lesbo guard named Elsa Throrne... Anybody see a Ilsa She Wolf Of The S.S. and Dyanne Thorne homage there? Well Elsa looks alright in her lesbian shower scenes but she is a damn awful actress.

Shock-O-Rama's nudie-queen Misty Mundae shows up as the weak girl who has to wash the back of a bad-ass bitch with more muscles then Schwarzenegger in his prime, named Mondo. Misty does what she is known for and bares it all, breasts & bush. She eventually becomes a zombie and I suppose gets some sort of a revenge on the ones who made her time a living hell.

Shadow also offers up a scene where a zombie is impaled on a stake in a scene that must have been influenced by Cannibal Holocaust. Some crazy flying kung fu action, lots of fucking gore, a graphic child birth (complete with baby abduction by zombies), a pervy doctor, multiple head explosions, full body explosions, dead cops, and zombie baby that is reminiscent of the baby in Combat Shock. This baby has a serious appetite for junkies faces. If this little guy and the zombie baby from Dead Alive got together, I don't think any force in the world could stop them.

There are a couple of flaws in the movie. The first being that its got to much shitty c.g.i. in it and the second being that its shot on video. Other then that Shadow Dead Riot is a modern kick back to the good ole exploitation days and genre clashing is not a problem here. Its pure madness and a shitload of fun at the same time.


  1. This looks horrible! Just the pictures from this make me never want to watch it.

  2. Its really silly but if watched in the right frame of mind it can be a lot of fun. I really like it anyway...