Sunday, July 3, 2011

Candy Stripers Part 2 (1985)

This follow up to Bob Chins classic 1978 film comes around almost ten years later with a cast that consists of the one and only Ron Jeremy and the hideous Karen Summer who I remember best as the younger sister in Kirdy Stevens, Playing With Fire. I always call Karen Summer the down syndrome porn star and her character in this one is as dumb as can be. Maybe she really is retarded...?
Anyway Candy Stripers part 2 is okay for what it is. Its pretty polished for a XXX movie from this era. Its got a few funny characters and a few funny lines. "I feel like horny shit! How is it possible to feel horny and like shit at the same time?". We get threesomes, foursomes and bigger orgies. Ronny uses his rocket like a pro in this one but doesn't produce any good money shots. Actually the film doesn't really offer any good nut-busting, which I found really weird. We have a blowjob on a ski lift, rats fucking and then we have a typical scene where a man in a full body cast gets his fuck on. There is also a Three Stooges homage that runs throughout with three doctors named Dr. Howard, Dr. Howard and Dr. Fine which I found interesting cause some of my favorite Three Stooges shorts are the doctor ones.
The director of this thing (Larry Revene) did the cinematography on a personal favorite of mine called Doom Asylum. He also directed Candy Stripers 3 which I have not seen and he went on to do Deep Throat 2 which is claimed to be unwatchable by some.

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