Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The Streetfighter's Last Revenge (1974)

I didn't know it was possible for Terry (Sonny Chiba) Tsarugui to become a pussy. Well thanks to this piece of crap I now know that it is not only possible but it is a fact. Streetfighter's Last Revenge is the third film in the Streetfighter trilogy and its an out right disgrace to the first two films. First off Tsarugui calls himself "Streetfighter" which is lame as hell and for some reason his name is Sugury instead of Tsarugui but maybe that's just on my crappy vhs print. Second he is wearing all these really dumb disguises. He even dressed up like a vampire in one scene and its all really pointless. Its obvious they were trying to make the great Streetfighter-Terry Tsarugui to be more like James Bond. Third off he is fighting these really lame, almost comic-book-like super hero's of some sort.
 As if this review wasn't bad enough, Chiba also has a new fighting style in this one. He doesn't do his normal Tsarugui deep breathing-bone-crushing Japanese boxing and Chinese Kung Fu combo that we all know and love. Instead he moves around really quick as if he is a totally different character. Then as if they realized this is a terrible idea half way through, Chiba goes back his normal Streetfighter character and pulls out the familiar, drawn out, over the top Kung Fu shenanigans. This movie is also far less violent and it really lacks in the gore department. The fight scene in the rain on the deck of the boat is pointlessly reenacted and the final fight is average.
One of the things that always made Terry Tsarugui's character so cool is that he is kind of a bad guy. He fights with pure hate. In this one he even tries to find religion. This is complete and total destruction of a awesome character. This movie is unwatchable and unforgivable as far as I am concerned. The only thing I enjoyed at all from this piece of shit was the naked flesh on display from a pretty Asian girl. If you'll excuse me, I have to go throw this thing in the garbage now...

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