Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I Was A Teenage Frankenstein (1957)

Who pissed in the Frankenstein families gene pool? This 50's teenage monster flick follows yet another mad scientist. In fact a direct descendant of the first Dr. Frankenstein that we all know and love but this time he has a strange fixation on teenage boys. Luckily a car full of hot-roding teens crash and burn outside Mr. Frankenstein's house giving him some charred and scared teenage body parts to put together. We get a operation scene that shows us a dismembered hand and a badly torn up leg but that's about the extent of gruesome stuff this one has to offer. That is of course aside from the monsters face...
Through the first half of the movie the monsters face is hidden behind bandages and I cant help but wonder what kind of stench must be coming off of that gauze. Eventually the monster breaks free from the lab and "walks among people". Lets just say the monster stops traffic and his face is pretty nasty looking. While out on the town the monster peeps in some windows, strangles a pretty blond, pushes a fat woman and slaps a few men around. He eventually calls it a night and heads back to Dr. Frankenstein. Together the two decide the monster needs a new face. Mr. Frankenstein snatches up the first handsome greaser he can find, cuts off his face and gives it to the creature. Of course things don't work out as planed and we get a chaotic ending with electrocutions and people are even eaten by an alligator. The most unexpected thing is that the ending is in color. What the point of this is, I'm not sure because all of the good stuff has already passed but either way it makes for a fun final.
If muscular teenage monsters is your thing be sure to check out Teenage Frankenstein.

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