Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Deadgirl (2008)

This one hit close to home with the story of two teenage boys who break into a local abandoned mental institution and find a Deadgirl... Or is she? The reason this film appealed to me at first is because when I was a teenager my friends and I would break into our local abandoned psycho ward. We spent lots of time in that place the only difference is we never found a corpse and we most certainly never fucked it.
At first the girl appears to be dead, the two boys soon learn that the girl is living and breathing but instead of calling the police, the kids decide to keep it a secret. One decides to have a little fun with the girl and he gets his pervy little rocks off. During his sexcapades he snaps the girls neck and it doesn't affect her. Once the kids learn she is a zombie their troubles really begin. One of them wants to call the police but his horny friend wont allow it. The Deadgirl is raped repeatedly and its not long before the secret is spread to other equally sick and horny friends. The teenage boys sink deeper and deeper into depravity and eventually decide to kidnap other girls and bring them to their secret place where they can turn them into other Deadgirl sex slaves.
Deadgirl offers a bit of blood and guts but nothing to overly excessive. We get a exploding diarrhea scene with intestines splashing all over a toilet seat and bathroom stall floor, we get a zombie blowjob complete with castration, a hand is dismembered with a machete, bullet wounds with green gooey puss pouring out, a upper lip is bitten off, faces are beaten bloody and a dog is ripped apart.
Still Deadgirl only comes off disturbing with the corpse fucking scenes and the rest of the movie is unintentionally humorous. Not the worst movie ever made and its worth a watch at least once. There isn't much replay value to this one but most movies made these days aren't worth a watch at all. Its not Nekromantik but its better then any shitty Resident Evil movie.

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