Friday, February 11, 2011

Bad Girls In The Movies (1986)

Here's another 80's VHS promotional compilation, this time from Lightning Video. This one is a bunch of clips of bad girls and female delinquents from a bunch of different exploitation and B-Movies. We get clips from Girls For Rent (a.k.a. I Spit On Your Corpse) with Gerogina Spelvin. Lots of Ragina Carrol in Satan's Sadists and Angels Wild Women. We get some bare breasts from movies like Deadly Weapons and then we get segments from trailers, including Doris Wishman flicks (Who was a bad girl herself) like Bad Girls Go To Hell and The Amazing Transplant.
All this silliness is strung together with a really bad shot on video, movie within the movie about a bad girl who gets locked up and eventually she gets the electric chair.
Bad Girls In The Movies is only a hour long and it goes by pretty fast. Its not as good as Terror On Tape but its still a good time passer. The one thing that really surprised me is that there wasn't any scenes from Women In Prison Movies.

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