Sunday, February 20, 2011

Invasion Of The Saucer Men (1957)

When you're a teenager in a small town there is nothing to do except sit in your cars on lovers lane with your best girl, drinking beer and necking. What a town like this needs is "little green men" from outer space with big heads and long knives for finger nails. These little dudes shoot ya up with alcohol and get you so intoxicated that you die.
Hanging out with aliens and getting smashed for free sounds like a lot of fun but these teenagers get in a bit of trouble when they hit one of these little guys with their car. The police think they killed a man and they are accused of drinking and driving. Throw in a alcoholic bull and a shotgun wielding farmer and we got a pretty fun scifi monster flick from the 50's. We also get some dismembered alien hands on the loose and these guys disintegrate in the light. So get the gang together and hop in your tank of a car. Be sure to keep the brights on and don't bother telling your parents what you are up to. After all, you're just a wild "rough neck" kid and the older generation is out to get you. This goes from parents to the police, the towns folks and of course the murderous u.f.o.'s.


  1. Great movie but these are some of the lamest aliens ever. I mean they come to Earth in a super flammable spaceship and are allergic to light. They had no chance really.

  2. and why do they call the flammable spaceship a flying saucer? not a saucer at all.

  3. I guess they called any ship from space a flying-saucer back then no matter what shape it was.