Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Hell Penitentiary (1984)

This one is easily confused by another film of the same title. It came out the same year from the same director and has some of the same cast members. The other film however is better known as Hell Behind Bars. This Italian slice of Eurotrash is a women in prison (W.I.P.) movie with lots of sex.
In fact there is so much graphic sex in it with close-ups on genitals and nipple sucking that the print I picked up is labeled "softcore erotica". I however didn't find it to be to far from what I am used to seeing in a W.I.P. flick except that the sex scenes go on slightly to long with some really awful soap opera esque music playing behind it. We get plenty of shower scenes, lesbian sex, straight sex, rape & then just nudity for nudity sake. We even get a few swinging dicks for good measures. Aside from the explicit Euro-sex-beavers, we get some torture and murder as well. After all is it really a Women In Prison movie without some whippings and torture scenes? I suppose its not a necessity but it sure makes the viewing a lot more pleasurable.
This one is about a girl who scams the prison system in order to get behind bars and find out what happened to her sister. She eventually learns that her sister was mixed up with some rough characters and was killed by a jealous lover. Now the Innocent girl needs to escape and reveal the sleazy truth to proper authorities to what is really going on. She is subjected to sexual deviance, torture with hot pokers and various beatings. Ajita Willson (Contraband, Sadomania) plays a gang leader who plots out a rebellion escape. As usual its impossible to tell Ajita was born a man and she shows plenty of flesh in this one. Hell Penitentiary also offers up some gun violence, stabbings and some really bad dialogue.
I'm not sure if there is a nicer print available on video but the dvd that I picked up has very soft/faded colors. Other then a few film burps it looks and sounds okay. I found the film in general to be pretty standard, generic stuff other then a really cool scene involving a bulldozer and a crushed couple in a car. Still these W.I.P. films always tend to entertain me.

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