Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Grindhouse Horrors (1992)

What we have here is a compilation of exploitation trailers thrown together and its sure to give any trailer junkie a boner. We get lots of huge cult titles like Rabid, Maniac, Race With The Devil, Deep Red and The Exterminator but then we get a bunch of rarities and even some that I have never heard of like the Mondo film narrated by John Carradine titled Journey Into The Beyond. That one looks like a must own for sure. This compilation also reminded me of a film I saw on television as a young child. It was called Amin : The Rise And Fall. I never got to finish that one as a kid because my mother shut it off. Guess she didn't feel that a movie about a blood thirsty fascist wasn't suitable for a young boy. Either way, after viewing this compilation I feel the need to buy that one as well. The trailer is amazing.

Despite the title of this out of print video Grindhouse Horrors doesn't just offer up horror trailers. We get Women In Prison movies, Sexploitation flicks like Sweeden Heaven And Hell, Kung Fu films, Action-sploitation such as The Death Dealer, Biker films, and anything else that is gritty, grainy and depraved (There is a trailer on here called The Depraved).

Grindhouse Horrors is worth picking up for any trailer fanatic. That is if you can find a copy of it.

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