Friday, May 20, 2011

The Fighter (2010)

Usually I do everything in my power to stay away from sappy Hollywood movies where everything works out in the end, Not only do I despise the standard format of modern film making but life affirming endings drive me crazy. The Fighter however did surprise me. Sure it had the exact formula that I mentioned above but it also offered something else... and that would be Christian Bale all hopped up on crack. Its quite amusing to watch Bale twitching and ranting about boxing and any other nonsense the writer felt necessary to throw in. Not only do we get to see Bale blast some rock but we also follow him in and out of crack houses filled with hookers and other basic degenerate scum. He eventually goes to prison and cleans up his act and the film of course took a negative turn for me at this point.

The Fighter really should only appeal to two people. Christian Bale fans and 12 year old girls who want to drool over Mark Wahlbergs pecks. Somehow I fit into one of these categories and I really can't decide which one it is...

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