Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Double Exposure (1983)

This one starts off with a nice slash-em-up scene and then almost immediately dulls down into a boring drawn out soap opera. Its pretty easy to tell what happened here. Crown International probably wanted a trashy slasher filled with nudity and sleaze and instead the asshole writer/director tried to be an artist and give this thing a hint of class but as I mentioned, it comes off looking more like a crappy made for t.v. movie with some tits and ass and a decent murder or two.

The truth is that Double Exposure also known as The Model Killer, which is a much better title for this movie had potential. Its about a photographer with some deep rooted mommy issues who is having grizzly nightmares about killing women. When his models start turning up dead, he can no longer tell if he is sane or not.
Some of the highlights aside from the nudity involves some mud wrestling, a crazy murder scene where a really annoying chick has her head shoved in a garbage bag with a rattle snake inside of it. The only sad thing is that the snake suffocates with her. Then we get some creepy rantings of a madman, A flamboyant homosexual he calls men "bitch" and we even have a guy running around with only one arm and leg. The film is lacking in the gore department but does have one decent hack-em-up scene, complete with throat slashing and torso mutilation. Double Exposure also attempts at a twist in the plot but I saw it a mile away and thought it to be typical of the type of writer who would release this type of thing. It also looks like they used two different kinds of film cause certain scenes look like they were done with 35mm film and others look glossy and shallow almost giving it a shot on video look. The film is entirely to emotional and it really holds it back from the sleazy monster it could have been.

Basically if this director got over his ego problem and just gave us another slasher it probably would have been a great movie but instead he bores us with this thing. What do they call them again, Thrillers?

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