Tuesday, December 7, 2010

She (1982)

What the hell did I just watch? She is kind of like Mad Max on acid. There really is no plot to follow and the movie is all over the place. We get knights covered in swastika's, a robotic Frankenstein monster who's head explodes, toga wearing werewolves, barbarian babes in white panties, stinky fog, guys who wait inside wooden boxes and attack the first person to walk by, a telekinetic dude with green glowing eyes, a fat hairy transsexual in a tutu, a guy who multiplies when a body part is dismembered, naked men wrapped up like mummies and all kinds of other crazy happenings.
Quote of the movie, "This doesn't make any sense. This has nothing to do with sense". I couldn't agree more. This movie is so weirdly off the wall that I couldn't even tell if I liked it. My VHS copy is only 90 minutes but I see that there are some versions that go up to 106 min. I don't know if I would have been able to make it through anymore runtime unless of course if it involved some bare breasts because nudity was the one thing aside from a plot that the movie was missing. Only check this one out if you can dig crazy nonsensical, 80's post apocalyptic, mystical mayhem. Otherwise you're libel to lose your mind.


  1. It looks like Robot-Frankenstein is playing the piano. If so I'm in.

  2. haha you should see this movie just for its weirdness.
    I don't think you will love it though. Its more a James type movie