Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Bonny & Clide (2010)

Nicholas Steele is a well praised director in the modern porn industry. Mainly for the quality of his work and his movies are considered to be big budget in the adult film world. His latest film BATFXXX : Dark Night Parody (Which I haven't gotten around to yet) is supposed to be filled with explosions and computer graphics that are passable for today's mindless generation. I see the talent that Steele possesses. His movies look good, the acting is passable for these types of movies and he chooses to make movies with some sort of a story. Still I can't say that I am a fan of his work. I find Nicholas Steele to be a trendy asshole with no balls, who makes movies for other trendy assholes. If you are such a talented director, do something different. Why jump on every trendy bandwagon that comes along? The answer is because whether or not the man is talented, he is still just a business man. He will never be an artist because he chooses money over art.
Bonnie & Clyde (1967) is a childhood favorite of mine. I loved the Barrow Gang and the shoot-out violence. I also remember being sexually aroused by Bonnie (Faye Dunaway) in many scenes. Especially in the beginning of the film when she is laying around naked in the a hot room and Warren Beaty is bellow her window, plotting to steal her mothers car. I always felt that Bonnie & Clyde was a very sexually charged film and I guess I'm not the only one since they now did a hardcore remake. I have to admit I was a bit surprised when I saw the familiar scene in the 2010 porn version. I was a bit excited at first to see more flesh in a scene that turned me on as a kid. The camera took many of the same shots from the 67 classic (again showing talent from Mr. Steele) but botched it all up with some dull acting and lack of inspiration on the dumb blond who plays Bonnie.
Bonny & Clide (2010) has great costumes, very pretty women and some really great hardcore action but the movie is entirely to long. It clocks in somewhere around 4 hours and 15 minutes. The movie is so long because the sex scenes are way to long. There is hardly any story to the film and as usual with these hardcore parodies the plot seems rushed for the next sex scene. Almost every sex scene is a orgy and most of the girls are blond with big fake tits and tattoos, which may bother some who are seeing these great costumes and picturing a period piece. The tattoos didn't bother me much but I am never a fan of the big titted Barby doll porn stars that were so popular in the 90's.
There is one really cool orgy where Bonny & Clide stroll into a poor village and give the people money. Bonny reads her classic ballad very poorly and the peasants have a big fuck fest. This scene mainly stuck out for me because it looked like they used amatures instead of stars and one girl in particular really went all the way for this scene. If she isn't a star yet, I can see her getting big in the near future because she does it all and with much devotion. Aside from this orgy Bonny & Clide gets repetitive fast and although I am against the fast forward button, it is necessary for this one. There is no way I'm gonna sit through four hours of sex. All in all I found this thing to be a big waste of time and its to bad because I know that if Mr. Steele would stop sucking mainstream dick, he could probably make something interesting. Instead he offers big budget fuck-tapes with sex scenes that are way to long and disguises it with some fancy costumes and a under par plot.
Why would you want to remake a movie like Bonnie & Clyde and not even attempt to make the bloody ending worth watching. The ending was the biggest disappointment. Whats next Casablanca the XXX version?


  1. This sounds about as shitty as every other modern day porn DVD.

  2. It is but the director is slightly upscale.
    He's still a boring loser in my opinion