Friday, April 1, 2011

Kung Fu Zombie (1982)

Why do I sit through these crazy fucking Chinese horror flicks? I guess because they really are just crazy. Kung Fu Zombie is annoying, ridiculous and most of the time it doesn't make much sense. Its also more of a comedy then a horror movie but for some reason it still manages to be a keeper. Despite the obnoxiousness to it all. Its pure fast paced mayhem with nonstop Kung Fu action and voodoo-esque madness.

Kung Fu Zombie never gets to gory but it does offer up a decapitation, some flesh munching, blood drinking, some metal-spike-fu, sword-fu and a whole lot of saliva flying from the mouths of various beaten victims. Well okay its obviously a mouth full of water and not saliva but the Chinese have a strong fixation on this effect and it is used to the max in this one and as if there just wasn't enough flying saliva scenes, we get all these Kung Fu scenes where our fighters dump buckets of water over their head. This allows for much more flying spit.

Aside from all the face smashing and drool, Kung Fu Zombies offers up blood drinking Vampires, Chinese style hopping zombies, ghosts and a wizard who tries to keep all the ghouls in line with the use of exorcism and weird spells.

My main problem with this one is how annoying all of the characters are, including the monsters. If the film makers toned down the comedy just a touch this one would probably be a lot more tolerable and would surly have more replay value. Still if Kung Fu Zombie finds its way into your collection of the weird, I'm sure it will be there to stay.


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