Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bizarre Moods (1982)

The description on the back of the DVD that I picked up reads "Vanessa licks her boyfriends ass and fucks it with a dildo while she sucks his dick in one of her wettest and sleaziest films!". After reading this I figured that Bizarre Moods was going to be a short stag film without a plot. Well it turns out to be a 54 min. feature and although there is barely a story, the film does try to tell a tale about magic rings. Not cock-rings... regular rings. Gloria Leonard gets a piece of paper in the mail that says "soak me" and Gloria immediately places the paper under a running faucet and the paper magically turns into rings. Once she puts the rings on her fingers she becomes a total nympho-matic, slut in heat. First she sits on the toilet and fills her holes with a double sided dildo and talks dirty to herself. Then she convinces her roommates to try the rings out with this brilliant statement "this will get you really hot". Gloria and her roommates have a interracial threesome and as the audience we have no choice but to believe these rings really work because we just watched the two roommates have some crazy cream-pie anal sex and now they are ready to go again.

Vanessa Del Rio does show up in this movie and its not long before she is wearing the rings and acting out the filthy description on the back of the DVD but my personal favorite scene in the movie shows a married couple in a hotel room in New York. The man rips off his girls clothes and starts smacking her around. The dialogue is amazing in this scene. "I didn't come to New York to fuck around. I want some of this Deep Throat we been hearing about. Suck my dick bitch". Then he rams his member down her throat and starts whipping her with his belt. The actress jumps up, lets out a scream while holding her face and says "You hit me in the eye" Then the film cuts to a close up of her bloody eye. The fucking guy actually did get her in the eye and the film maker had enough class to exploit it and keep rolling. I wish I could give the director credit but nobody seems to know where this one came from. With no director credited I'd like to think of it as a movie from mars. To make this thing even one step weirder, Bizarre Moods sports Pink Floyd on the soundtracks and although I have never been much of a fan of these guys, I can appreciate their music a whole lot more when its playing over a nasty ass-fuck scene.

The truth is Bizarre Moods isn't a very good movie but the mix of Vanessa's ass-play, eyeball beatings and Pink Floyd keep it weird and entertaining enough for at least one viewing.

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