Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Come With Me My Love (1976)

Like your hardcore XXX with a body count? Here's one for ya... Come With Me My Love opens up with a double murder, suicide. It starts with a sex scene set back in 1925. A man walks in to find his wife sitting on another mans face and blowing him. I guess he isn't the biggest fan of 69 position because he shoots them both dead and then blows his brains out. Jump forward to 1976 and a woman is moving into the apartment where the threesome met their violent end. Little does she know the house is still haunted with the ghost of the killer. This ghost is one hell of a possessive guy because he becomes quite attached to the new girl. He even puts his ex-wife's ring on her finger. Oh, and he also kills off every guy who she sleeps with.

Come With Me My Love also known as Come With Me My Ghost a.k.a The Haunted Pussy and Stay With Me My Love was directed by Sexploitation pioneer Doris Wishman. Despite her lies about never doing a pornographic film, here it is. The director is credited as Luigi Manicottale but it is no other then Mrs. Doris (Nude On The Moon) Wishman. The awful dubbing and odd choice of music kind of proves that its a Doris Wishman flick. Still it proves to be another oddity title from the queen of exploitation. Its a horror/ghost/porno flick and it casts Vanessa Del Rio, Annie Sprinkles, and Robert Kerman from Cannibal Holocaust and Debbie Does Dallas. Come With Me My Love offers up a heavy breathing ghost, a crazy kid who hides behind trees and throws snowballs at porn stars and a body count of 7. Three deaths by gun shot, A man is electrocuted in the bathtub with the old toaster oven trick. Annie Sprinkles catches a knife between her giant jugs, A man is pushed out of a city building window and we get a drug over dose.

What Come With Me Does not offer is a coherent plot line, Which is pretty normal for a Wishman flick. Its pretty much a giant jumble of sex scenes and heavy breathing ghosts. It really had potential to be a great 70's porn flick but falls short with the exhausting porn scenes. Of course its still a million times more interesting then anything that anyone is putting out today. Its just to bad Wishman didn't put a little more effort into it.

A interesting watch for Wishman fans and anyone who is into the most bizarre of classic adult cinema. Everyone else should probably skip it. This thing is available through VCX Video, Something Weird Video and was also released on a double bill with Satan Was A Lady (1975).


  1. This sounds awesome! I really gotta get SATAN WAS A LADY. Did you know R. Kerman was in Sam Raimi's SPIDER-MAN movie? That guy shows up in everything!

  2. If you really want to see both of them, you should pick up the double feature dvd. I also want to see Satan Was A Lady. Not that softy remake

  3. No, I gave that remake away. It was awful!

  4. To many Beatniks. Not enough naked ladies