Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Black Sheep (2006)

Take Hitchcock's The Birds and mix it with Peter Jackson's Dead Alive and what you get is one hell of a campy nature gone wrong flick. I first saw Black Sheep in a theater on a double bill with Jaws which I conveniently missed... Yeah I know... What kinda horror-lovin, weirdo doesn't like Jaws? Black Sheep on the other hand I loved.

I felt it was a perfect mix of horror and comedy which film makers just really can't get right these days. Remember the good old days when you would watch a horror movie with lots of comedic elements in it and you didn't get angry or embraced by watching it? Movies like Return Of The Living Dead, Texas Chainsaw Massacre Part 2, American Werewolf In London and Dead Alive? Well writer director Johnathan King must have done his homework and his own share of watching these types of films because he hit the nail right on the head. The audience laughed the whole way through and us gore hounds got our rocks off at the same time with tons of blood and crazy practical effects. In fact there is hardly any CGI in the movie at all and that is a huge plus for a fan of classic cinema like myself. I personally only noticed two scenes with computer graphics and all the other effects were great.

I love most nature gone wrong, animal mayhem films but sheep really have to be one of the most harmless looking animals in the world aside from (Killer) Shrews but these woolly buggers pack a nasty bite and we are treated to intestine-spilling, chopped off arms (complete with spewing blood and a blueberry pie looking substance gushing), Leg dismemberment, a mutant sheep fetus with a taste for human flesh, ears are ripped off, a penis is ripped off, gut munching, teeth are ripped out. We also get to see burning sheep, exploding sheep, and there is even were-sheep... Yep you have heard of werewolves but now you get to see were-sheep and in one of the best scenes we get a homage to American Werewolf In London and a great were-sheep transformation. However my personal favorite aspect of this movie is the constant hippie jokes. I have never been a big fan of hippies. I find them to be annoying with all of their useless views on animal rights and saving trees and meditation and Karma and all the things in life that I couldn't give a shit about. Well in Black Sheep it's two hippie activist's who are to blame for the whole murderous sheep epidemic and the writer takes jabs at these people constantly. So if you are a hippie hating prick like myself this one might especially appeal to you.

What ever you do, don't try to take this movie seriously. Get a bunch of friends together, get rip-roaring drunk and sit back and enjoy the blood soaked, sheep massacre, laugh-riot that it is.

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