Monday, April 4, 2011

Bizarre Styles (1981)

Here's another filthy one from the director who gave us Punk Rock and Teenage Twins. Although this one really lacks in the story department, with a almost nonexistent plot about a group of girls who run a fashion show. Bizarre Styles makes up for it with sheer filth and cinematic smut.

We get three disgusting scenes which leaves Bizarre Styles on the mind after viewing. One shows Annie Sprinkle in a threesome and a fist way up in her messy box. Then we have a S&M bitch pissing in the mouth of some leather-clad "little worm". She tells him hes a dirty boy and he needs a shower and then the golden starts to spill. Next she steps on his penis with some high heels and whips his ass as he performs some oral sex on her pissy hole. Next we have a rather harsh bondage scene that shows a British blond bimbo strung up on the rack. She's wearing nipple clamps and is being whipped. She screams and cries through the whole scene and it eventually leads up to some ass-ramming, anal action.

Other then these three important ultra trashy scenes we get a hot tub sex scene with Vanessa Del Rio and some hairy dude. We also get a lesbian threesome with Rio, Sprinkle and some other junkie looking chick. I also learned that girls like men with hairy chests and long nipples from an intelligent conversation between Rio and Sprinkle. Oh and did you know that girls where lipstick on their nipples? Well its a fact. I seen it in Bizarre Styles. They also wear it on their clit. It comes in different flavors but Annie Sprinkles prefers "Cunt Sucking Cranberry". She has room for fists, lipsticks, dicks, tongues and more.


  1. I have only seen bits and pieces of Punk Rock. The stuff I saw wasn't all that great. One day I will see it in full and then I can make a better judgment. I own Teenage Twins from this director and although very politicallt incorrect it tends to be repeatitive and boring.

  2. i have a weird cut version of PUNK ROCK with all the hardcore shots removed but I still thought it was o.k. There seems to be like 4 different versions of it with various degrees of sex and/or punk rock music available.

  3. Then you get less of the punk bands playing. Most of the bands are pretty shitty except for this one awesome band called The Fast. They look like the weirdest collection of outcasts ever in one band. There's a nerd, a guy who looks like Dee Dee Ramone in a buttoned up shirt, a vampire on keys and a Paul Stanley look-a-like singing!:

  4. haha Queen had nothing on The Fast. Listen to those high notes.