Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fubar : Balls To The Wall (2010)

Terry and Deaner are back to spread more idiotic, drunken, mayhem on society and its great to see these characters again. This time around the budget is bigger and it plays much more like a movie with multiple cameras and a much obvious larger film crew. For this reason Fubar 2 lacks the artistic quality of the first film but I suppose there was no real option. The gig is up that Fubar was fake due to the end credits of the first film. So this time around we get a much more exaggerated version of the two metal-heads.

The sequel has a pretty depressing tone running through it. Deaner and Terry split paths when Terry falls i love with a fat slob who bar tends at a strip club but not before Deaner screws her too. On the plus side Tron is back and this time has a much larger role. His wife left him and now he is a hopeless junkie on a suicide mission. When Deaner's cancer comes back, he looses his remaining testicle and he makes a suicide pact with Tron. Right after Christmas the two degenerates will kill themselves together. I won't tell you how it all ends but it does pay off.

Fubar 2 offers up reckless drinking and driving, gratuitous drug use, gratuitous glam rock and hair metal, a fist fight between Terry & Deaner that ends with some gory kitchen knife-fu, a bad acid trip that involves Ronnie James Deo, toothpaste, speedo's and a house fire, We also get some insanely destructive chainsaw-fu from Tron, strippers and lots of filthy language complete with memorable quotes "I can go cunt hunting".

Fans of the original are sure to get a laugh out of the sequel but when it all comes down to it the original is still way better. If you haven't seen the first film I would stay far away from this thing. It will just ruin everything that makes Fubar so great.

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