Friday, March 4, 2011

Lady Terminator (1989)

Lady Terminator also known as Nasty Hunter is the first Indonesian film I have ever seen to my knowledge and its still probably my favorite. This crazy exploitation flick comes from the same lunatic that did Mystics In Bali and the ultra crappy Dangerous Seductress, which you can also read about on here. This movie on the other hand has to be the strangest take or weirdest rip off of Terminator in history.
It starts off with an Indonesian goddess (or witch) having sex with a dude with a crazy mustache. In the middle of their roll in the hay, blood starts spewing up all over the mans face. It turns out that this witch has a very hungry vagina and eats a lot of penis. The witches husband doesn't approve of all the fornicating and castrating and when he confronts her a snake slithers out of her vagina and turns into a dagger. She then places a curse on her husbands great grandmother. Fast forward a hundred or so years to 1989 and a young student becomes possessed by the evil witch after the snake enters her snatch. I know what you're thinking... This doesn't sound like The Terminator at all.
Well from here on the movie turns into a crazy exploitation version of The Terminator. In fact dozens of scenes are reenacted perfectly. We have the police station massacre, The 80's new wave club shoot out, scalpel to the eye, the shoot-em-up car chase scenes and of course some hungry, penis-munching, vagina action for good measures. Even the love scene is redone and let me tell ya, the dialogue leading up to that scene is just special. We also get piss drinking, lots of blood, naked Lady Terminator, eye violence, testicle kicking, really shitty 80's pop rock (Indonesian style), A bad-ass weed-smoking, mullet-head who kind of talks like he is in one of those Bill And Ted movies, burn victims and theres even some tanks and planes used in combat scenes.
Yes Lady Terminator is insane and yes Lady Terminator is a must see for anyone who loves off the wall movies from mars. Watch this one alone or with a group of beer guzzling friends. Either way its a great time and belongs in your collection. Mondo Macabro puts out a nice dvd print of this one and the dvd also offers up a great documentary on Indonesian exploitation films. I love this dvd with all my heart even if the packaging does lie and says there are more then one trailer on it. Yeah you guessed it, we only get the trailer for Nasty Hunter on here but hey, that's better then nothing and Mondo Macabro forever has my approval after releasing this one.

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