Friday, March 25, 2011

Soft Places (1978)

Soft Places is another weird one from the sick and sleazy 70's. Directed by Joanna Williams who did the amazing rape/revenge flick Expensive Taste. This one stars Annette Haven, who is left a widow and has a lot of money coming her way as long as she is willing to follow the instructions that her husband has left for her on a tape recording. "I will not follow instructions from that dead animal" she states in her lawyers office after listening to the wishes of her dead husband. She then goes on to tell how her husband was a mean, violent man without a loving bone in his body.
The tape tells Havens character to masturbate in front of a mirror and learn to love herself. Then to masturbate in front of other men so they can love her too. Then her "Dead animal" of her husband demands she makes love with other women and eventually with another man. Of course Haven gives in and turns out to be quite the nympho.

Soft Places casts some of the ugliest people (aside from Annette Haven of course) in adult history. Many of the actors seem to be junkies or prostitutes taken off the streets. Most of the men can not get it up and looking at the women I can't blame them but what Soft Places does offer is some very strange and of course sleazy happenings. First off we get a sort of Invisible Man homage. There is a sex scene where an Invisible Man (unfortunately not Claude Rains) strips his long jacket and hat. All we see is his penis which obviously is visible and his white gloves. Haven blows the transparent horny fucker and pulls his pud off into a glass of wine and then she slams it down with a face that says... I want more. Then we have a scene where a bearded man sucks a transsexuals dick and eats its ass out. We also get a crazy fight scene in a bar with a pretty amazing stunt for a porno film. Then theres a really silly masturbation scene in a dressing room involving coat hangers and dirty panties. We also get some fat woman loving and last but not least we get one of the strangest forms of necrophilia I have ever seen on film. We get a hardcore XXX fuck scene involving some ashes from a cremated man.
Soft Places might not be the best of 70's smut and I recommend Expensive Taste over it any day but it certainly is a strange one and every scene is unpredictable. Only recommended for hardcore collectors of 70's porn.

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