Monday, March 21, 2011

New York Ripper (1982)

My favorite of all Lucio Fulci films. New York Ripper is a extremely violent Giallo about a serial killer who is running around New York City quacking like a duck. (Yes you read that right) and slashing up young girls.
We have a detective and a psychological profiler on the case but the two always seem to show up to late or in the wrong place. We have a bunch of red herrings and the killer stays anonymous until the very end where he has half his face blown off.

Every character in this movie is overly sleazy. We have a heroin using, crack smoking, pervert, rapist who likes to tie women up and slash their breasts up. We have a nympho who spends her time roaming 42nd streets and attending live sex shows. We have a pervy swinging couple who record there sex acts on cassette and send a copy their spouse. Then there is one of my personal favorite scenes in a bar, involving a few trashy Hispanic fellows with pants so tight that you could almost count the veins in their balls. When women walk into their bar they sit her down and treat her to a beer before foot fucking them under the table. The Spanish men place a bet on whether or not the slut in the bar is wearing panties. Then he sticks his foot up her skirt and puts his toes where they just don't belong. All the while saying "She likes it!".
Then we have the typical Fulci, misogynist male characters. "You women are all the same! A menace to society! You women should stay at home where you belong. You've got the brains of a chicken!" and of course its only women being mutilated for the most part. We get gut stabbing, throat slashing, a broken bottle is shoved up a strippers vagina, nipples are split in half with a razor blade, a nasty razor to the hand scene, a head explosion, a razor to the eyeball, chest stabbing, etc. All the while the killer is going Quack! Quack! Quack!.
New York Ripper is a must see for anyone who likes their Giallo's very trashy and very gory. Its sure to make you quack up.

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