Monday, March 7, 2011

Madman (1982)

Madman also known as Madman Marz is a pretty silly slasher flick from the early 80's about a axe wielding Madman and yes you guessed it, his name is Marz and hes back from the grave and he has a bone to pick with anyone who calls his name out. When a group of campers sit around a campfire and challenge the legend of Madman Marz the heads start rolling. Literally! Madman Marz seems to favor decapitation by axe. He murdered his wife and children this way and now its stupid horny campers.
Gaylen Ross from Dawn Of The Dead shows up in this one as the shotgun wielding heroine who tries to save a bus load of young campers. Madman is one out of the short lived acting career for Gaylen. She only played in three movies until deciding to stay behind the camera and mainly sticking to documentaries. Well this was back in her sleazy horror days and she does have a sex scene in a hot-tub. However she doesn't show off much flesh and it comes off more like a love scene in a bad soap opera.

Madman is a pretty average slasher movie from this period with not to much memorable scenes. It lacks a bit in the gore department with to many off screen slashings. We do get some decapitations, throat slashings, hangings and a head is even cut off with the hood of a car. All in all it gets a bit repetitive but I suppose its a good time waster. Especially for those who don't expect much from their Slashers. So if you want him just say his name. Madman Marz will come take your head.

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