Thursday, March 17, 2011

Reflections (1977)

This 70's smut flick is sort of a mix between Taboo and Behind The Green Door and at first glance it almost seems like one big Taboo ripoff. To bad Reflections came out about three years before the incestuous classic.
Reflections is yet another tale of incest from the golden age of porn. It involves a brother and sister and their cousin Connie. Through the majority of the film it seems that there is just a big love triangle between the three family members but things get kind of tense when conversations of their childhood comes up. Jealousy rears its ugly head and poor brother seems to be getting the brunt of it. Sister and cousin seem to be playing tug of war with him and nobody is giving him release. He spends most of the film trying to fuck his family members and the most gets is a satin gloved hand-job. One cant help but wonder if the two girls are purposely teasing the horny teen.
Brother has enough of the "games" and drugs his cousin Connie. He performs some oral sex on her and then shoves his man meat down her sleeping throat but before he gets any further his sister comes in and fucks everything up. Brother doesn't get his (full) rape on but sister does. She straps a dildo on Connie and rides it hard.
Brother throws a big party and it turns out to be nothing more then a Behind The Green Door type orgy with face masks and all kinds of strange happenings. We have shrimp cocktail being shoved into vagina's along with whipped cream. Linda Wong also shows up for the best sex scene of the film with John Leslie. The couple get in on with the use of a ladder.
The whole thing comes to a giant what the fuck end... It leaves you wondering what the hell just happened and is pretty disappointing. Brother finally gets Connie and then sister comes in and fucks him in the ass with a strap-on. He begs her to stop but she continues to plow away. She pulls off her mask and brother lets out a cry worse then he did when he was being anal raped by sissy. Then the film erubtly ends. I still have no idea what the point of the ending was and I'm confused as hell.
Still despite my confusion Reflections is another trashy 70's porn flick with a real downer vibe. Well worth a watch. Where else are you going to see shrimp shoved up in sacred places? I just wish somebody would tell me what the ending was supposed to mean.?

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