Sunday, February 19, 2012

Little Girls Of The Streets (1984)

Here is another cheapo shot on video Christy Canyon flick from 1984. From the same filmakers, if you can call them that, who did Kissin Cousins. In fact the same couch from Kissin Cousins shows up and so do a couple of other rooms and objects. Its pretty obvious that these two movies were shot back to back and while Cousins was pretty fucking awful, Little Girls Of The Street is even worse.

This one starts off like it is going to be a real movie with somewhat of a plot but it turns out to be just a bunch of fucking and sucking scenes. A pimp puts his bitches out on the streets because he owes some money to some powerful dudes... That's it... That's the story. Christy Canyon has a threesome with two dudes and Scott Irish shows up to do some dirty work as well. I fucking hate Scott Irish and this time he has trouble getting it up.

This movie sucks pretty fucking bad! Only worth a watch for Canyon's giant melon heavy breasts. Actually there is a nice looking brunette thrown into the mix as well but other then that skip this stupid little fuck-tape from the 80's.

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