Sunday, February 19, 2012

Kissin Cousins (1984)

Christy Canyon did her first porno movie in 1984. The same year she did about a dozen more. Kissin Cousins is amongst the 1984 dirty dozen. It is sort of a remake of Kirdy Stevens Playing With Fire but no where near as good.

Christy Canyon and her two brothers move into their uncle and three cousins house. Yes there will definitely be some cousin kissin... Herschell Savage plays uncle and he sticks it to his own sister meanwhile the kids are fucking like rabbits. We get some general oral-fu and even some anal antics. Canyon doesn't do the dirty until the final scene because she plays the good girl virgin. Canyon is billed as Tara Wine in this one and she looks pretty good or at least her tits do. To bad the movie is a total piece of shit.

Shot on video with the most minimal of story lines, Kissin Cousins offers up Scott Irish who looks stupid in every movie but at least he can get it up. That is more then we can say for the other dip-shit with the mustache in this movie. Its pretty sad but its obvious that they had to edit around this limp-dick scum bag. They choose abnormal angles with the hope that we wouldn't realize he can't get it up. Characters appear and disappear from the scene and it makes for some of the worst continuity in pornographic history.

Watch for Canyons cannons and that's it!

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