Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Devil Inside Her (1977)

The Devil Inside Her was the first horror-porn I ever saw. Back in my teenage years when I got my first apartment, an older punk rock dude showed me this movie. I have to admit it was weird at the time watching a porno film with another guy but the movie itself blew my mind. All these years later I finally found my own copy and it is probably among my all time favorites in the satanic-porn genre.

Obviously cashing in on the success of Gerard Damiano's classic The Devil In Miss Jones. This one is far more gritty and almost a bit disturbing. Vile images of depraved sexuality and debauchery fill the running time for this one. It never gets slow or boring with almost non stop satanic sex.

This one is set back in the 1800's on a farm. Faith and Hope are two sisters who love the same man but their domineering, bible bumping father does not approve of their lustful ways. When daddy catches Faith innocently kissing the man she loves he forces her to strip naked while he whips her with a switch from the ground. "Strip naked before god and show him your shame". When Hope learns that her sister is planning on marrying lover-boy she prays to the devil and offers her soul. She gets what she bargains for when a demon appears with some of the most disturbing cock-rings attached to his genitals. The rest of the movie is demonic possession and sex orgies with plenty of shape shifting and appearance changing. The demon takes the form of just about every character in the movie and tricks them all into a life of deviation.

I love this movie. It has a cool blasphemous plot and some really sick and twisted scenes. As I mentioned the demon wears some absurd cock-rings and its almost painful to watch him violently stretch his genitals. He also comes complete with some really bad KISS makeup. Then we have an old witch who is covered in warts and she gets in on the sexy action as well. In one of the grossest scenes a woman lay naked in the mud while masturbating with vegetables. I would imagine there was a yeast infection at the very least after this scene. Another great moment shows a man swinging from a tree while a horny nymph blows his dangling body. Annie Sprinkles shows up in a satanic orgy, we have fisting, golden showers, interracial sex, incest, lesbianism and just about any other depraved sex act you can think of. There is even a vicious dog that attacks a religious man.

I highly recommend this one to anyone who digs nasty porno movies from the 70's. If you like movies like Through The Looking Glass or of course The Devil In Miss Jones then this one is perfect. I know it is available on multiple DVD labels but I have the old Something Weird Video VHS double feature with Count Erotica - Vampire which I have not gotten around to seeing yet. Not sure if the DVD's have been remastered or anything but the old VHS is as gritty and grainy as they get. Personally the grit and grain works perfectly for me. I wouldn't really want to see a polished print of this thing. The Devil Inside Her is as filthy as they get. While it might not be the best option for some sexy alone time it certainly makes for a great party flick to shock your friends with.


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