Wednesday, July 8, 2015

Prison Girls (1972)

I guess with a title like Prison Girls and such an amazing poster most would have guessed that this is a pretty trashy movie and they would of course be right. Like just about every other movie in the women in prison genre Prison Girls focuses on sex and great abundance of naked flesh. However the thing that separates this one from most of the other women in prison films is that this one is basically a soft core porn.

I never liked using the words "soft-core porn". When I hear those words I think of bad late 80's early 90's shot on video crap. For me most Sexploitation flicks fit into a different genre but this one truly is as close as you get to porn without quite crossing that boundary. Prison Girls also known as Prison Girls In 3-D barely even takes place in a prison. In the first ten minutes we are treated to an all out brawl in the prison showers. Its all out breasts and bush in this spectacle of 70's smut but in the very next scene the girls are given a weekend pass out of the prison. A weekend pass? What the fuck is that? Anyway 99% of the film takes place outside of the woman's prison. Now of course this doesn't mean that there is going to be any less naked flesh but naturally we wont be seeing anymore group showers or food fights or women being hosed down when they get out of line like in most other women in prison flicks.

This one comes from director Tom DeSimone. This guy is A-Okay in my book. With so many cool titles to his name like Terror In The Jungle and Hell Night it is hard to believe he turned out such a turd with this one. I mean the man has done quite a few women in prison flicks, some of which are personal favorites in the genre like Reform School Girls but this one just slacks in so many different areas. For starters this one seems like it is a foreign film. Uschi Digard shows up with her giant melons on display and her constant awkward smile that she is known and loved for and the entire film is so poorly dubbed it makes a Hong Kong Kung-Fu flick look like a major Hollywood production. While this isn't necessarily a bad thing it does serve to make the whole viewing experience all the more strange. The plot... if you can call it that is as bad as it gets. None of the characters are very likeable and the dialogue is equally as terrible. The sex scenes are very confusing with an over abundance of talky-talk and most of the girls here are not much to look at.

The best scene in the entire film showcases a biker gang that forces a man to rape the woman he loves. When it is all said and done the guy seems really proud of what he did and I can't help but be reminded of the character of Matthew in I Spit On Your Grave. "I did it! I really did." Its too bad the rest of the movie didn't focus on the sleazy biker trash. There is also a very small subplot about a bank robber who is on the run but that is all very uninteresting and in the end they try to make up for all the nonsense with some stupid moralistic dialogue which also comes off ridiculous and not needed.

I could have skipped this one all together and just have stuck with a better film from the genre but that's how it goes when you have a life long dedication to trash cinema.

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