Thursday, July 2, 2015

My Teenage Daughter (1974)

My Teenage Daughter also known as Keyhole is a Swedish porno film shot in Denmark. It tries really hard to be different from the other porno films that were coming out around this time but ends up a typical run of the mill fuck-film from the golden age of smut.

 A porno producer hires a man to write a script for his new movie with the exception that it will be unlike any other porno film around. The producer wants it to be realistic and believable. Sounds boring right? Well the writer takes on the job but little does the producer know, that the new writer is dating his daughter Mette. Mette comes up with the idea to base the story off of her parents perverse life. Together the couple sneak around and spy on Mette's parents, friends and business associates. I guess Denmark really was sexually liberated because these people are a bunch of swinging deviates.

The story itself is quite basic and you can tell they tried really hard to make a realistic film. Between the dialogue and the way people act seems like normal every day life. That is of course aside from all the sex that is going on. The main problem with this movie is that normal every day life doesn't make for a good cinematic experience. There is one pretty funny sex scene that is sped up in something that is oddly reminiscent of the threesome scene in A Clockwork Orange. The leading lady in this one is pretty nice to look at and I wouldn't mind seeing more of her in the future.

The copy I picked up of this was very blurry. It also seemed to have been cut as well and possibly missing something at the end of the film. This also might have made the movie a bit less entertaining. In the end what we get is another porno film from the 70's with a good looking lead actress. That's about it.

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