Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Robot Love Slaves (1971)

Robot Love Slaves also known as Too Much Loving... Its not very good but it sure is fucking weird. With little to no production value this early 70's sleaze-fest is a total discombobulated mess. The lighting goes from blinding to very dark. The audio is bad but not terrible for a porno film from this time. The acting... Well that's just so bad that you have to love it and the scummy plot is really what makes this one worth a watch.

First off we have a geek for a mad scientist who looks like the average junkie on the street. This nerdy bastard is perhaps morbid but genius none the less. He has bringing dead hippies back to life in his basement and turning them into his personal sex toys. The robotic living dead obey all of the scientists orders and it will soon take us into darker territory.

Our mad scientists fat wife has been posing as an invalid wheelchair ridden waste but this is all part of a selfish plot to steal her husbands money and run off with her fraud doctor but hubby isn't as naive as wife thinks he is. The Robot Love Slaves will help our scientist get his revenge on his fat wife.

Robot Love Slaves offers up stolen copy written music from The Beatles, Louis Armstrong and a few others. Candy Samples shows up her in the movies hottest sex scene with another female bimbo and another dude. This is one of Candy's earliest features and she doesn't look half bad in this one. Aside from Candy most of the girls are pretty nasty and the fatty wife sex scenes are disturbing to say the least. Also it looks like there were two different cuts of this movie. One being hardcore and the other being a softy because the majority of the film doesn't show penetration but here and there something more naughty slips into frame.

See girls have vacuum cleaner hoses shoved into their mouths, see fat sluts masturbate in a bathtub full of rose pedals and watch Candy Samples bounce on a mans face. Another weird one from the sick and twisted 70's.

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