Monday, August 30, 2010

Predator (1987)

Id like to start off by saying that I like this movie but I am far from a fanatic. I always preferred Alien over Predator and that's mainly because... well Alien makes sense.  The basic storyline to Predator is that Arnold Schwarzenegger gets recruited as a sort of mercenary to retrieve some hostages in some jungle somewhere, but during his mission he encounters and battles a blood thirsty, killing machine, monster.
What the hell is the Predator? I mean its obvious that its some kind of alien because if it isn't it would be pretty ridiculous for some giant lizard to have computer chips and large weapons but if it is an alien what the hell is it doing in the jungle? Wouldn't it want to be in a more populated area if its so damn hungry? Even crazier, according to the hostage, it has been there for years. She claims that when she was a child the villagers called it a "demon".
The movie explains nothing and it just doesn't make sense. Its a good thing that when I watch a 80's action, scifi, gore flick I'm not looking for much intelligence because this is the worst screenplay ever written. What we do have is some of bloodletting and dismemberment. It also has a whole slew of really bad one-liners along with big explosions and action scenes, all while Arnold strikes pose after pose and finds any excuse to show of his guns.  So if you want a story, watch Alien. If you want mindless action and some gore this is the one.

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  1. ALIEN was always way cooler than PREDATOR and also gorier and scarier.