Monday, August 30, 2010

I Bury The Living (1958)

They probably should have called this movie The Map because the whole stupid movie is revolved around a map of a cemetery. Not to mention the seemingly endless shots of the same boring map. The only thing they show more then the map itself is the little beads of sweat that is constantly building up on the main characters forehead. This of course was the filmmakers way of showing us how incredibly tense things are getting up on the Immortal Hills Cemetery. Come on, Couldn't they have showed us just one death scene? We hear a whole lot about how everyone who is listed on the map is dropping like flies but we don't get to see anything. Some how I managed to stay awake through I Bury The Living without fast forwarding at all but that doesn't mean I would recommend it to anyone. Unless of course you have a deep fascination with maps and sweat. you might want to pass on I Bury The Living and watch something better from the late 50's like A Bucket Of Blood.

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